About WJN


All Women and girls affected by or at risk of the criminal law system live their lives free from violence and discrimination, are treated with dignity and respect and have opportunities to thrive in their own way, at their own pace.


Managed and directed by women, we are dedicated to advancing the prospects and well-being of girls and women affected by the criminal law system.

We provide gender responsive support that responds to the lived experience of women and girls affected by the criminal law system. 

We address issues facing criminalised women and girls systemically by advocating to improve the systems that impact their lives and individually by support and practical assistance, mentoring and leadership development.

Values: Every girl, every woman HEARD

Healing. Every interaction is an opportunity for promoting healing, alongside women at their own pace.

Empowerment & Self-Determination: Girls and women are experts in their own lives, we walk alongside them as they make decisions that are right for them.

Authenticity: We are grounded in the lived experience of women and girls impacted by the criminal law system and reflect their voices, experience and insights in all our work.

Respect: We show our respect every day, through listening, noticing and being alongside people.

Dignity: WJN is a judgement free zone, so women and girls can thrive in their own way, at their own pace and with their own goals.

WJN’s Strategic Priorities: 2022 – 2025

Strategic Priority 1:
WJN is a sustainable organisation, resourced to deliver gender responsive services to women across NSW

Our Goal : We will be financially stable and growing, resourced to deliver effective mentoring, support, advocacy and other services across NSW alongside women and girls who are impacted by the criminal law system.

Strategic Priority 2:
Working in partnership with First Nations Girls, Women and communities

Our Goal: Led by First Nations women, we have the relationships, partnerships, service models and support that we make a positive difference with First Nations women and girls.

Strategic Priority 3: Delivering high quality, evidence informed services

Our Goal: WJN is an accredited organisation providing high quality, evidence informed, accredited services and supports that make a real difference and creating opportunities for our mentors, lived experience workers and staff to grow their skills and deliver high quality services.